About Innovation Platform

The innovation platform is a central place, within the national innovation system, to stimulate research, development and innovation in the Republic of Croatia. The main objective of the platform is to stimulate the growth and development of the economy and increase the productivity of the business as well as the scientific and research sector.

The implementation of a unique innovation platform will enable all stakeholders of the innovation value chain to collaborate, share information and distribute relevant documents, thereby networking stakeholders to achieve their goals, through centralizing all information and facilitating communication among all stakeholders in the process.

The public part of the platform contains information on the latest developments and trends - about inventions and innovations - but also the national innovation system and all involved - the so-called. stakeholders of the innovation value chain. Part of the innovation platform for registered users serves as a communication channel for members of the National Innovation Council, Industry Innovation Council and Thematic Innovation Councils.

The innovation platform upgrades the existing Croatian innovation system by centralizing the management of all relevant information in the innovation process and enabling unified support for all stakeholders in the process. Significant improvements are expected in informing all stakeholders and facilitating the work of all those who use the system operationally, partly through changes in business processes or through IT support to existing processes. The use of modern technologies has created a safe and reliable place for the development of the innovation system of the Republic of Croatia.

O inovacijskoj platformi
O inovacijskoj platformi

The aim of the public part of the innovation platform is to provide information on:

  • the Croatian innovation system and council members within the innovation system
  • events
  • the innovation value chain and the stakeholders involved
  • important documents, strategies and publications
  • innovations in the field of research, development and innovation

Also, the goal of the innovation platform is to bring together the stakeholders of the innovation system, primarily representatives of the business and scientific-research sectors, in order to foster cooperation on joint innovation projects. That's why a key part of the innovation platform is the Idea Market - a place where one can look for a collaborative project or come up with a project idea to find a partner. It is also possible to view information on funding opportunities and use links to various institutions in Croatia and the region.

An important part of the national innovation system are the Thematic Innovation Councils, which bring together representatives from the business (70 percent), research (20 percent) and public (10 percent) sectors. The innovation platform is a place where representatives of companies and research institutions can apply to participate in the work of TICs. The closed part of the innovation platform is intended for the work of TICs.

The design and operation of the innovation platform is part of the implementation of the Strategic Project to support the establishment of the Innovation Network for Industry and Thematic Innovation Platforms (INI project). The first of the four goals of the INI project is precisely to map the capacities of the business sector and to establish an effective institutional set-up and WEB platform for research, development and innovation within the national innovation system.